Laurence S. Hirsh wins Green Party Primary

hirsh_2Laurence S. Hirsh wins Green Party Primary, Defeating a Well-financed Opportunity to Ballot Challenge by Democrat Todd Kaminsky
The Nassau County Board of Elections has just recently posted the final vote count for the September 13th Green Party primary for New York State Senator, 9th Senate District. Laurence S. Hirsh, registered Green, had 23 votes or 59% of the total votes cast, Todd Kaminsky, registered Democrat, who was attempting to use  an “Opportunity to Ballot” to hijack the Green Party ballot line, received 16 votes or 41% of the votes cast.
On Wednesday, September 21, Green Party representatives witnessed the counting of write-in and absentee ballots at the Board of Elections. We noted that Todd Kaminsky’s supporters distributed “RUBBER STAMPS” of his name to Green Party members for their use in voting in the Green Party primary election. We saw that those rubber stamps were used primarily by “new” Green Party members who were undoubtedly signed up by the Democrats specifically to vote for Kaminsky in the primary. This is a shameful mockery of the democratic process by a candidate who already had his own Democratic Party ballot line. Thankfully Laurence Seth Hirsh prevailed and will go on to appear on the general election ballot in November.
An important issue in Hirsh’s campaign is the elimination of this pernicious “Opportunity to Ballot” provision from New York State’s election law. In a democracy, the widest possible choice of views should be heard—third parties such as the Green Party should not be silenced in the electoral process by ballot line hijackers and rubber stamps!
Media Contact: Jim Brown (Chair, Green Party of Nassau County)